Danse Sauvage

Here's your invitation to explore the assemblage of fragrances from the World of Chris Collins. The Dark Romance collection is ready for your immediate indulgence. Enjoy the greatest masterpieces perfumery has to offer with these crowned jewels of Alchemy.

Sweet Taboo
This fragrance invites you into a world of forbidden fantasy, where your deepest, darkest desires are primed and ready to be tapped into. Sweet Taboo is the first fragrance of the Dark Romance collection from Chris Collins. This alluring, addictive fragrance is composed of spicy cardamom of Guatemala, vanilla, cacao abs, coffee roast extract and incense of Somalia. With 24% fragrance oil, it is an Extrait de Parfum. Do you dare indulge?
Tokyo Blue
Inspired by the illumination of the Shibuya Blue Caves in Tokyo, the second fragrance from the Dark Romance Collection reflects the feeling of an enchanting winter night after darkness falls. The romantic blue hue of the black sky inspires this masculine, floral, musky scent. The violet leaf gives a metallic, green, aqueous note, complimented by a beautiful bouquet of erotic yang-ylang, bitter orange blossom, powdery orris and intense rose. Mimosa abs gives the scent a child-like sweetness which makes it feel very familiar. Cedarwood and Musk provides animalic warmth and woodiness to the fragrance. As an Extract de Parfum, Tokyo Blue is very concentrated, long lasting and aromatic.
Autumn Rhythm
Autumn Rhythm is a fragrance of abstract expressionism. It isn't deliberate nor is it random, it exists in a place in between. This fragrance is a mere explosion of random energy, reminiscent of the Fall. It is Entropy; an increase of disorder. Imagine the chaotic mayhem of leaves and branches drifting in the wind as the temperature slowly starts to drop. The air is crisp and earthy, the changing colors of the leaves are bright and vivid. With the a sexy skin-like leather note, this fragrance is sensual and intimate. Mate abs, a South American guarana-like tea note, is energizing and mouth watering. Ambrette and racy Orris dresses the fragrance in suede. Cashmeran and Cedarwood adds an elegant dark tone, while the Amber and Musk makes the fragrance deep and comforting. The arrangement of the notes in Autumn Rhythm are like melodic and harmonic beats that will make you dance.
OUD Galore
A dark and sultry Oud entwined with hot clove & aphrodisiac cinnamon. There is Love at first sight with the orris tones, but Ciste Labdanum and Incense fill this fragrance with a mystic and enigmatic side. The woody tones of Copahu balm, Patchouli and Sandalwood complete this fragrance with rebellion and warmness. Beware of this man!

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