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Tokyo Blue

Masculine Bouquet of Florality


Inspired by the illumination of the Shibuya Blue Caves in Tokyo, the second fragrance from the Dark Romance Collection reflects the feeling of an enchanting winter night after darkness falls. The romantic blue hue of the black sky inspires this masculine floral. The violet leaf gives a metallic, green, aqueous note, complimented by a beautiful bouquet of erotic yang-ylang, bitter orange blossom, powdery orris and intense rose. Mimosa abs gives a child-like sweetness which makes it feel very familiar. Cedarwood and Musk provide an animalic warmth and woodiness to the fragrance. As an Extract de Parfum, Tokyo Blue is very concentrated, long lasting and aromatic.

Top Notes
Bergamot, Galbanum, Ylang-Ylang
Heart Notes
Violet Leaf, Orris, Mimosa abs, Orange Blossom, Rose
Base Notes
Cedarwood, Musk

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50 ml